What exactly is this number?


(the last digit there is rounded up.)

I came across it here. If you press space and wait, it draws a calligraphic circle, but if you change the last digit of the .0117187495343387118248990042 to a 1, it no longer draws anything.

I don't know what you're talking about? It draws the circle. If you remove the warp, it takes more time, but you can see that it does draw it again.

About the number, I don't know why you would use that. If you set it to 1, it draws just fine. In fact, I only noticed a difference at thickness 3, and it starts to get jagged at thickness 5

This is very confusing, could you redo the question please?

Not set the number to 1, but the last digit of the number to 1.

Edit: With .0117187495343387118248990042:
With .0117187495343387118248990041:

That's weird, cause it works fine for me



It might be browser-specific--are you able to try FireFox?

I can load up an onworks ubuntu emulator and use firefox and test it out if you would like


I'm using Ubuntu right now!

ok, it might take a while, im currently trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my chromebook

I'll try Win10 FireFox, Edge, and Chrome.

cool, unbuntu is the default lynix for onworks

um, what
there is anothher page after this, yet a missing app


i think my chromebook's broken :confused:
now, whenever you sign out/reboot, you have to go through the whole process of adding your account

And that also means its harder to glitch gogaurdian to unblock most websites

All three do the same thing ego-lay_atman-bay saw, which makes me think it might be an OS-specific thing.

could be, I'm using windows 10, in brave (chrome). Another thing that might have an effect is, I have my display scale set to 125%, not 100%.

edit: or it could just be something to do with it being a float.

so what am i doing?

wait, did i just make 3 consecutive replies?


That could be it too, as my Ubuntu computer has 100% but my Win10 one is 125%.

Do you mean "what should I do?"?


yes, and also firefox is unsupported??

On Ubuntu Firefox, no it does not work

But on chromebook it does

Omg, if I didn't backup my custom windows96 theme on dropbox, I would have screamed, as all my browser cookies are reset

Or it could just be something to do with floating point precision.