Website Maker

Well at least it's about Snap!, but it's not about making web sites, so we should stop. But thank you.

You misunderstand her.
She meant that her blocks was all made using JS

No.You put APL in a library instead.


I think you are confusing her with yourself! But we should try not to explain what someone else meant by something.

I view the libraries as part of the language, but besides that, the basic hyperblock feature is APL-influenced.

The whole visual metaphor for programming concepts, the actors-on-stage animation structure, the multithreaded, event-driven structure... lots of things.


Hello JavaScript!


So you are messing with JS again :slight_smile:



Hmm...the website looks oofed dis da project that I can make my own webpage in??? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

EDIT: i is super confuzzled, how do I use this?

No CSS occured so no alignment

Hmmm...imma see if I can put some CSS into it.

Idk how I'm gonna do that though.
I know how to remix, I just don't know how I'm going to put CSS into it.

Stressful, very Stressful. The page just needs some padding (padding:10px;) around the text boxes, that's all I have to do, but it's gonna be a stressful job, because idk how to put CSS into projects. :\

that IS what i was trying to say, actually...well, never mind...
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Ah, sorry!

Padding is used to get some space between paragraphs, or the border. How do I know this?
I have some experience with making low-quality web pages on another website.

What's so bad about CSS?

Oh okay.

If you're just worried about one little formatting thing, CSS is overkill. Just put
<div style="padding: 10px">...</div>
in the HTML around the thing that needs padding.

Thanks. :)