Website Maker

Hmmm...imma see if I can put some CSS into it.

Idk how I'm gonna do that though.
I know how to remix, I just don't know how I'm going to put CSS into it.

Stressful, very Stressful. The page just needs some padding (padding:10px;) around the text boxes, that's all I have to do, but it's gonna be a stressful job, because idk how to put CSS into projects. :\

that IS what i was trying to say, actually...well, never mind...
Kaito: "Who cares about what I have to say? You don't have to listen to what I say, you know? After all, I'm just a blockhea-"
Zahra: slaps me "Damare! Your opinion matters, and you know that."

Ah, sorry!

Padding is used to get some space between paragraphs, or the border. How do I know this?
I have some experience with making low-quality web pages on another website.

What's so bad about CSS?

Oh okay.

If you're just worried about one little formatting thing, CSS is overkill. Just put
<div style="padding: 10px">...</div>
in the HTML around the thing that needs padding.

Thanks. :), I'm trying to change its name, annnnd fix the crowd of text boxes.

dunno what you mean by that...

tbh I don't know what to name it

._. yeah, sure, foxy . com.


Kaito: "CSS is actually easy."
Zahra: "Yeah, and just how much do you know about CSS?"
Kaito: "The basics."
Zahra: "Right, go and learn all the difficult things, and then you'll see what's so difficult about it."
Kaito: "Well, if a computer can understand it, then so can I. Computers are pretty dumb, so it should be much easier for me to understand."
Zahra: "Alright, Mister CSS is So Easy, go ahead and learn it all. Oh, and teach me while you're at it."(winks)

that's ok. :wink:

Yeah, you can, if you know at least the basics of HTML and CSS. You don't really need Javascript, but it can make your website more interactive, so I guess Java is just a choice.

I prefer PHP

ok, nice. idk php or python, but i do know a BIT of Javascript and SQL. I also know HTML and CSS, enough to build a simple website...

Do you mean Flask?