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how does it work

Cool, I have a block that makes a site in my SnapV.

click edit and input text in the inputs

You can create your own website WITHOUT snap!. Look, I made this on my own: (Most of the body of the site is coded by me, not Weebly)

Weebly is a website creator. It creates a free domain for you, and you customise it. You could also use Glitch, which does the same thing, only that you have to code EVERYTHING by yourself, which is sometimes more fun.

I think the idea is that what you want to serve on the web is the results of computations, for which you need a programming language. It doesn't have to be Snap!, of course, but it's nice if it can be, so as not to give it's-a-baby-language people an opening. :~)

I never said it was a baby language (really, it's just Javascript in the form of blocks), I was saying that you don't always have to use Snap for every little thing, and we should also try and code things on our own, and Glitch is a good way to get started.

I wasn't accusing you of that! Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. I was just trying to explain why anyone might be interested in building a web server in Snap!.

But you're wrong about "Javascript in blocks." Javascript doesn't have upvars, or hyperblocks, or the whole animation metaphor we inherited from Scratch, or... Really by now there is no text language that has all the capabilities of Snap!. We're Scheme+Smalltalk+APL+Scratch, more or less.

if we still had likes, I would like that post.

is this off-topic?

Well at least it's about Snap!, but it's not about making web sites, so we should stop. But thank you.

You misunderstand her.
She meant that her blocks was all made using JS

No.You put APL in a library instead.


I think you are confusing her with yourself! But we should try not to explain what someone else meant by something.

I view the libraries as part of the language, but besides that, the basic hyperblock feature is APL-influenced.

The whole visual metaphor for programming concepts, the actors-on-stage animation structure, the multithreaded, event-driven structure... lots of things.


Hello JavaScript!


So you are messing with JS again :slight_smile:



Hmm...the website looks oofed dis da project that I can make my own webpage in??? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

EDIT: i is super confuzzled, how do I use this?

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