Warped_wart_wars and Snap!Con

I've forgotten what Snap!Con is. Please enlighten me.

(why did I use that wording?)


First of all, I seem to be seeing in multiple places.
Second, I'd sign up if I could pay and my mom let me.

Is the issue affordability, or having the technology (e.g., a credit card) to transfer money?

We can give scholarships (i.e. free admission) to a small number of people. Would that help with your mom? You can use your Snap! username to register, and then it's not giving people your PII.

The latter. (I have no bank account, and am too young for one anyway) I could definitely afford it, if I could pay with cash.

It's less PII (I try to keep my real name off the net, but she doesn't seem to care) and more a matter of personality.

Now you've got me imagining a PayPal feature in which you turn on your cell phone camera, and in front of it you tear up some money into tiny pieces, and then PayPal prints new bills to give the person you're paying. :~)

If there's something we can do to help with your mom, let me know.

Ha ha!

Sorry, there's nothing that would help. Except possibly it not appearing to be a social place. (she doesn't want me on any type of, to quote her, "webforum". (I'd have used "forum", but...))

The conference is, you know, a conference! People present the work they're doing, whether it be teaching using Snap!, or building extensions to Snap!, or making cool Snap! projects. If she's letting you be here, she should be happy about you being at the conference a fortiori.

The thing is, she isn't.

Oh. I'm not happy about being the reason for you to get in trouble and/or have to be dishonest with her. Would it help if she got a letter from the University of California about how useful you are in supporting this widely used tool for high school computer science education?

I don't think anything would help, as I said earlier.

Also, it isn't you specifically, but forums in general.

No, I got that. But we aren't a forum in general, we're a specific one that isn't about fake news, or whatever she's worried about. We've succeeded a few times in the past in winning parents over. But no pressure, just the offer.

She's worried I'll pick up some bad personality. Same reason I can't watch, say, Veritasium.

Gosh, doesn't she know you?

Yeah, but I'm at an age where I, to use her metaphor, vacuum up personality, good or bad. Before that, I would, again using her metaphor, vacuum up information, good or bad.

Interesting idea. Is she right? To me you seem like the same person every day. And you still vacuum up information.

I don't know.

It isn't blatantly obvious that I do.

Yes, but I usually know whether it's good information or bad information and then filter it to remove the bad information.

Oh I see. She thinks you're not mature enough to filter personalities that way? Interesting.

Yeah, that's it.

I would really enjoy having this conversation with you and her! I don't see any sign that you're becoming more like the annoying people here, fwiw.

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