Want your game on DDG?

DDG NOW is a cloud gaming website

i already have a lot of my games on there

you can reply if you want one of your games on it

here are the links

https://bit.ly/ddgcloud or http://ddgnow.ga

and here is the collection

Can I add an itch.io game that I have made in previous years?

yea u can

OK! That'll be kewl to do!

What language does your server run? I think I want to make a multiplayer game on DDG.

Im working on adding multiplayer games

I can make a multiplayer engine if it runs Node.js.

What does DDG stand for?

EDIT: Nevermind I just saw the About Us page.

I have a game called "Hide and Seek" which you should probably put onto the page. Your choice though.

No offence, but the website UI looks horrible.

It was made with Google Sites, so you can't really expect anything really good from it.

Isn't there a way to use custom html?

IIRC there's an html box or something like that, but that just creates an embed in the webpage

ill check it out!

I sent a request for a game, just so you know. Pretty cool that you made your own website.

Hold up, i accidentally left edit on, so I'm probably going to send another

blocked : (
the cons of using a school issued Chromebook.

can you give me the link to the website, not the bit.ly link?

wait, the school blocked ddg???

it's blocks things that don't meet the filter's standards, snap, fortunately, does though.