Want your game on DDG?

@sladescar Can you please answer my question?

its google sites

Here are all the domains for DDG NOW!






try this DDG NOW

@sladescar i made an html game but how do i upload it to ddg?


What do you think he/she is doing?




@joecooldoo I am making a non-snap game on DDG.
Can I use your cloud var server?

You should probably use loucheman's firebase server. It's available to everyone, especially people who have repl.it blocked from their computers.

Why would it be blocked?

School computers commonly block Replit. Speaking from experience, here.

Firebase access, when I've seen it, isn't as heavily blocked- you can set and get cloud stuff- but on some accounts that are managed, Firebase isn't available to use as your own (i.e. you can't set up your own Firebase cloud var server).

Possibly add:

Ill look into them!

Request a game using the request form.

weird, repl.it isn't blocked for me...

I added them all to the DDG GAMES collection!

Ill add them to ddg now later today! @earthrulerr

Hey! @earthrulerr I just put your games into DDG NOW

go check them out! DDG NOW