Verification w/ Cookies

So earlier today I used 348663451y's custom block project to make a verification block. Basically, if you use the set-verification, it uses the set-cookie block to send a verification cookie to the browser, which is stored for as long as you don't remove it or block it or clear your cookies.

Check my project out here!!

EDIT: Turns out- after removing the verification cookie, it's necessary to refresh the page so the is-verified block to report the correct verification status.

I thought at first this was some sort of hack, so I used my Virtual Browser, turns out its some sort of Snap! project thing. This is kind of useless because someone can modify the code and have access to the project.

What do you mean?

Hmm... true. Working on it...

Unrelated: what is this?? Virtual Browser? What does it do?

Just chrome. Thats all. Just allows you to brows without killing your computer with some virus.

Ah. Good to know.

But uh... does anyone know how to make it so only the owner of a project can set verifications? I have no idea at all.