50+ Useful Custom Blocks including auto-save and more!

Here are 50+ useful custom blocks that can be very useful while coding! Most of these blocks do require JavaScript extensions to be enabled. However, I personally can guarantee that they are safe! Please check them out and give feedback on this forum or my Scratch profile (same username). Thank you in advance for all the feedback and support! Link: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Welcome to the forums!
Please credit people when using their blocks in your project.
Also, the "in editor?" block is pretty much useless now since it will always crash on the project page.
Also, please remove the cloud var blocks and read this post in its entirety:

these are really cool I like the one that saves over and over it will help me a lot

I believe I got the cloud variables from a forum where @bh said we could use cloud variable servers just like this one. As for the credit part, I'm really trying to track down the people I've taken blocks from. I'm about to add @earthrulerr for the idea of the type block.

If you used my change font block without knowing who it was from, that means someone else put it in their project without crediting too. Grr...

Okay, but it's still hijacking and freeloading. Read the entire post I sent.

Is it hijacking and freeloading if the servers are available for everyone to use? Who made the server in the first place and what did they say about other people using this server?

No problem!

I will make sure to give you credit when I use them!

Thank you so much! It means a lot!

Import list is my block but the words have been modified. Delete all clones is also my block.

I believe I credited you for the delete clones. I'll add the import list. And the export list (I forgot who that belonged to too...)?

And a lot of these blocks I can make JS Free.

Encode URL is @cymplecy's block. Multiline is a library block. Scripts Block (I believe) is @sathvikrias's block. The unsaved changes block looks like @earthrulerr's block. So does the save project block.

It does say useful not blocks made by them.

@348663451y dont say you made them all though-


(Please visit the website)


More than just the type block was me… also a lot of these blocks were made by people who aren't being credited.

Refer to this post. [WORKING CHATROOM] SnapRoom! - #14 by jens

And if you check the webpage of the plugin (http://snapextensions.uni-goettingen.de/), you are given the ability to connect to the server with an "account" named snapexuser. But next to the username is "read-only" which implies that the account is read-only, or is intended to be read-only (yet it isn't since I am able to create and edit files with that account).

Is it hijacking and freeloading if the servers are available for everyone to use?

Just because you are able to create and edit files on the Goettingen server does not necessarily mean it is because you are intended to, and the snapexuser account being called "read-only" does not help the case that said account being able to write to files is intentional.

Scripts, unsaved changes and save blocks are mine. I got the idea to make them from looking at the Snap! API on Github and the saving source code.