Variables and reporters which are sprites


In order to create a geometry's project, I would like to be able to manipulate sprites: input a sprite in a block, report a sprite from a block (this sprite would be created inside the block as a new variable, for exemple the midpoint of two sprites which constitues the entries of the block).
Look at this post: Logic with sprites

Moreover, is it possible to add to the properties of a sprite is rgb color ?

We could do very nice things in geometry if those requests were implemented.

We can do those things. What we can't do is let you drag a sprite thumbnail from the sprite corral into an input slot.

The thing about the color is that if the sprite is wearing a costume other than the turtle costume, then its colors are part of the costume. And if it's wearing the turtle costume, then it's the pen color that determines the sprite color. So you want the "Set RGB or HSV pen color" library.

Not "as a new variable." It would be a new sprite, which is a value. That value might be the value of a variable, but that's not what's important.

Actually, you can make a new clone in your program, but not a new parentless sprite. But that should be okay. Make a clone of one of the input sprites, position it where you want, and then report it.

Ok, thank you @bh.
Here is my exploitation of what you just suggested me:

And my mind map using this concept:

The project is here:

You can dynamically create sprites with a little bit of JS, but it's a bit odd to work with: