Using Anki spaced repitition to memorize the blocks of snap

I and my 11 year old nephew created Anki decks using which we can memorize snap blocks and its corresponding help easily.
With these flash cards, a beginner snap programmer can quickly memorize all the blocks from the 8 menus.
Please see the following link to download Anki decks:

What is Anki ?
Please see: How to remember anything foreverish:

Wow. Thank you for sharing.

this is really cool, I love those card decks, what a neat idea!

Thank you Jens.

The algorithm of Piotr Wozniak for memorization used by Anki software is publicly available. To make it easy for the Snap users(so that users dont have to install Anki seperately) , I am looking into creating a small Snap program incorporating this algorithm and which has only snap blocks and their help as decks.
I am currently searching for how I can have persistent data in Snap.
Please let me know about your opinion...

What a wonderful idea. Looking forward to see your project.

Variables are persistent by default.