URLs for published projects: Community site page vs. Snap! editor

Pardon if this has already been discussed.

I wanted to give students a shared project, have them add to it, and share it back to me.
I asked my students to use Save As to save my project, then Share it. The link changed to their username (as I would have expected).
Some of the projects allowed me to see their code, others didn't and I can't figure out the difference.

Here is an example of a project that I can get to the code - https://snap.berkeley.edu/snap/snap.html#present:Username=eggersd24&ProjectName=Maze%20Challenge

Here is an example of a project that I cannot get to the code - https://snap.berkeley.edu/project?user=cartyj21&project=Maze%20Challenge

They created their shared links the same (I think). What's the difference?

Thanks in advance!

I can see the code for both of them. The one that you say you can't access the code is on the community page. Did you try clicking See code below the project?

I'm a Snap newb (and apparently blind). Thanks for pointing that out.
The second one (with the See Code button) was published? Is that the difference?

No, not exactly. The one that opens what you expect Snap! to look like points directly to the Snap! editor. The one with the See Code button points to the Snap! Community web site. Now, it's true that if the project isn't published there is no community site page for it; that's what "published" means. But for a published project you can still get a URL directly to the Snap! editor. That URL is in the browser's URL bar when you open the project, so if you tell your students to copy that URL, while still in Snap! itself, and paste that into an email, you'll have the direct URL.

To further confuse you :~), there is an intermediate status between "published" and "private," namely "shared." If the project isn't at least shared, then your student can't send you a URL to it at all.

Actually it'll be better for us if you ask your students not to publish projects they make as school assignments. Otherwise, the "recently published" list on our community front page is swamped with nearly-identical solutions to the same assignment! Have them share but not publish. Thanks!

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