I want to make a website that takes a Snap! project, and converts it to plain JS canvas.
Slogan: "TurboSnap! makes your projects go to warp 9!"

What we need board:

  • Somewhere to host our website

Ideas board:

  • Add font changing block

hey!! that was my idea!
also i made mine before this the topic got deleted
because of my false ban

Ok. Well I didn't try to copy your idea. We just had the same idea.

you could host it on github, it's free and easy to use.

So basically were making snap faster.

GitHub's stupid TOS doesn't allow minors to have an account.


oh, ok.

I know this is old but.
What are you talking about? My friend brother made a github account this year and hes 16

A minor is under the age of 13

By the way, Snap! already has a built-in compiler - enable JIT compiler support in the settings (shift+click) for the compile () for () args block to appear in Operators, although it doesn't support everything yet.
EDIT: And also, certain blocks can also be compiled with the "compile" context menu option, even if JIT compiler support is disabled.

I tried making turbowarp for snap, went horrible.

I thought a minor was under the age of 18

i have a domain that you could use

and if you don't want to use my domain you can use replit

or netlify.com

It is a good idea though, what went wrong with it?

13- = minor