How to make a Snap compiler?

I want something like Turbowarp, but for Snap!
how would this work? would it be better to mod a compiler into Snap, or to add Snap features to Turbowarp. I would assume the first one, but I don't have any experience with modding Snap! or Scratch.
also, how far along did TurboSnap get?
is anyone still working on it?

I'd say it would be better to modify snap, or at least, replicate the snap player. It would still be pretty awesome if someone could create a mod of turbowarp to add snap features (I think a mod would work better than an extension, because snap has way more datatypes then scratch.).

yeah, that's what I thought. I wish there was something like this.

This is my goal, one of them anyway... but don't hold your breath, ya girl? She dumb*

*I'm not dumb lol, but my [scratchblocks]Ambition > Talent[/scratchblocks] By a long shot unless a miracle occurs and my brain decides "You know what, YOU CAN learn"
It's going to probably be faster to learn it yourself to be honest.

i died trying to read this

Are you talking to yourself on the forums?

there's experimental JIT support currently and it seems like from skimming the code that there is a compiler that compiles to JavaScript used? although I'm not quite sure whether or not it's always used or if it's only used in certain circumstances

Answering your question, without doing anything quite so vulgar as answering the question lol.

Yes, I do intend to write my own compiler, but no you should probably learn it as well. Compilers are complex, but you want to look into writing a parser to start.