Trust Lvl 2 impossible & wiki posts unaccessible

In this topic @bh said that trust levels mean nothing and it is impossible to go past 1 because no likes, but in this topic I cant make it a wiki post, but @joecooldoo can because a trust level 3 (regular) can, and for some reason joecooldoo has lvl 3 pls fix wiki being unable to create or let us reach higher levels

I don't know about wiki posts being unaccessible. Look below this post. :slight_smile:

cool i can edit
signed, stickmin3000remixer

ur trust level regular too tho im only basic

i meant unable to create

actually, they made the required likes to advance up a trust level be 0, so technically you still can get to trust level 2.

The more stuff you do, say, or write, the more likely you would TO be at a trust level regular (My level)


Sorry I deleted that post. I just wanted you to find my trust level as I couldn't see it. But now I can.

Just press the "Expand" button to see your trust level and other stats

Um...why is your post flagged?

Well, he was posting an unhelpful reply on an dead topic, or ghostposting.

It's very similar to spambots that have appeared.
Remember, flagging just means the moderators take a look at the post, and they can remove the flag if they feel it necessary.

why don't you read the above posts before replying

i do.

Here's how to create wiki posts: Click the wrench icon, and you will see “make wiki”, and click it.
If you want to disable the wiki, click it again, and you will see “remove wiki”.
(Just in case someone wonders)

i only had a problem with this issue when i made a new account a few weeks ago.