How to get promoted for higher levels

So recently @dj_laser said the following:

The way you can get promoted for higher levels is easy. Basically, a "trust" level is the level at which the admins trust you. That means that the longer you stay on the website, the more you show the admins that they can trust you, and as long as your record for bad behavior on the website is minimal, the admins would promote you to a higher level.

If you recently just joined this website, that means that you haven't stayed long enough on the website, haven't had enough posts to show the admins that you can be trusted, or haven't interacted with the community very much. From the looks of it, @dj_laser, who posted that post I quoted up in my topic, just joined this website November 17, 2021, and is still a basic user. On the other hand, the person they were talking about in their post, @joecooldoo, has way more experience on the website, joined the website a LONG time ago, and thus can be trusted by the admins. They currently are at Level 3 because of the reasons I posted above.

That seems kinda disrespectful...
Also, instead of "her or she" you can use "they."


This isn't how trust levels work. It's all done automatically by discourse. See here:

Level 3 is regular right? Trusted is 2?

I didn't realize making a wiki post required level 2. I've now fixed it. Now there really is no difference in the treatment of levels 1-3.

We don't promote people by human intervention; Discourse does whatever it does, except you don't have to give or get likes to be promoted. But the only promotion that matters is from level 0 to level 1, which requires reading five topics, I think, and spending 10 minutes reading the forum. Something like that.


Thank you. This reinforces my understanding of how the forum works. Do you have any concrete idea of how much interaction with the forum is needed to get to the point where I get to post my own questions. As a newcomer to Snap! and someone who is trying to teach it, I have a lot of them.



Please read this post:

Just wanted to add to that, just ignore anything that has to do with likes, as there are none here.