Topic of the Month: February

Well, it doesn't necessarily have to be deep. Love is, at its core, just feeling very positively about something.

ME and @funtime_foxy101 IS THAT

A word can mean different things in different contexts. So, all the following are different meanings:

I love Van Gogh's paintings.
I love ice cream.
I love Jens.
Jens loves his sons Luis and Laurenz.
Jens loves his wife Nicole.

Only the last of those involves "physical attraction." The last three involve hugs, though (in non-covid days, for the third one).

The intent of the topic of the month is that on the one hand, it's inspired by Valentine's Day, but on the other hand, we didn't want it to be too narrowly focused on valentines. But if we include "I love this Snap! project," then it's so broad that any project might fit. Perhaps as a compromise we could ask that if it's the project you love (as opposed to the subject matter of the project) you could put "I love this project because..." in the project's notes.

(I actually put in the ice cream one both because I love ice cream (sadly) and because I love how the project represents the menu as a list of lists of blocks. (And because Jens suggested including it.))

(I love lists of blocks because they are the best examples to show what it means for a data type to be first class; it's the central thing-you-can't-do-in-Scratch.)

just something i love.

Snake version Valentine day ! hahaha

that reminds me of the the song "what is love"

Five feet of heaven and a ponytail?

the one by Haddaway

you can do it from the project page

okay, thanks!

what will be the theme in march

We are not nearly as organized as you seem to think! Probably we'll figure out the March theme some time around Feb 31. :~)

The non-existent day!

um–there is no feb. 31

Yeah that was a joke. Feb 31 would be the same day as Mar 3.

ok, i see

Green possibly

Luck probably

everyone will discover the random block !

So I don't use "love" at all,all instances of love is replaced with like