Topic of the Month: March

The March 2021 topic of the month is about nature and its beauty.

Greenery and colorfulness :leaves:, growth and emergence :microbe:, organic patterns :spider_web:, beautiful scenery :national_park:, life simulations :test_tube:.

Add your carbon-based projects to the Nature collection!


i'll start making a project for the nature collection soon. also, thanks for doing it on time! (


Does this count?


All I really hope for is luck this month.

BTW why dont you pin this @bromagosa

Good idea :slight_smile:

Might join in on this, but I got to finish my current MASSIVE project before I can focus on anything else, might sneak it in though

How about this?

same here, i am making a huge one, too! but ive already added my one to the totm collection Terrain Generator :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I thought you pinned this @bromagosa
Take a look

The topic of the month is at the bottom now

Yay its back to the top @bromagosa

probably because you already read it so now it's unpinned for you

I created something, but it's not really nature, but it was actually meant to be a rain animation but I messed up. Plus there is still raindrops in there, so it should still count as nature XD

Btw @coder2195snap, you don't have to @ mention the creator of this topic when you reply in their topic, they are already gonna get a notification anyways, so instead of @ mentioning the creator of the topic, you can just call them by their username if you reply reply to them in their topic.
Plus it's kinda useless to @ mention the creator of the topic, in their topic. :wink:

... except that it's easier to type @fu than to spell out people's long names. :~P

I just copy+paste the long names :) copy+pasting things is useful