TheEric132's three newest projects

Hello there!
Here are my three newest projects:

What do you think and which of the three is the best?

Pyop one

Thank you, me olde chum. The PYOP known as "PYOP: Mario and Luigi walkersation" is "the best of the three" of this. What is the difference between the PYOP known as "PYOP: Mario and Luigi walkersation" and the PYOP known as "PYOP: Kirby's Facial Hair"? If you want to know how the PYOP known as "PYOP: Kirby's Facial Hair" looks like, here it is:

Can I do PYOP?

You are not allowed to make/do new PYOPs, but you are allowed to request some at my old shop. Here is a excerpt of how it looks:

What about the nightcore songs, innit?

I like em too don't get me wrong

What was that PYOP all about?

Mario explaining what pyop is to luigi

And what does it remind you of?

(This is odd) my dad

It actually reminds me of this:

and some old Newgrounds Mario flashes.

is that video real or is it a fan edit??

no, it's not real, it's a voice over by some guy called vinesauce doing an impression of the characters to make funny. he has more of those and i watched them all

What's Nightcore?


and Daycore (NOT ANTI-NIGHTCORE) is the reverse of Nightcore.

so the concept of PYOPs is copyrighted or something?

The original work may be copyrighted, but the PYOPs can exist through fair use. I don't know if the PYOPs themselves are copyrighted.

I don't know if you guys have read the Snap! TOS (you should do that before you start using any online service), but anything you make public on the site is automatically Creative Commons. So, nope, that project is not copyrighted and you're free to do with it pretty much whatever you want as long as you keep the same license and give credit, no matter what the author says:

Anything you share is available to other users for any purpose, including the sharing of modified versions of your projects. By sharing a project, you are agreeing to license it under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. (Fine print: If you want your project to be considered "free software" then you should waive the "NonCommercial" part of the license, but we do not impose this choice on you). This license also applies to any media (images, sounds, etc). you share on this site.

And in regards to what @bromagosa said i even made a topic about copyrights Legitimate question-should a project use a remixed version of a song or the original version