The Snappit Browser

(Snapified version of the internet)

The browser

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Connect to other servers with the Snappit browser.
Just enter the Snappit URL!

Hosting Snappit servers

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
Host your own server for other people to connect to!
How to use:

  • Open the costumes tab inside of the "Server" sprite
  • Import an image you would like to display as you site
  • Run the project
  • Type in a subdomain
    Example: Typing joecooldoo would become joecooldoo.snappit.snap, which is the URL other people can connect to.
  • Keep the tab open and displayed (not minimized or hidden behind windows)

NOTE: the result cannot be visited in an actual browser. This only works with the Snappit browser.

Post your Snappit URLs below!

@mr_owlssssnap2 here is the project I was making


What's this all about? Just image hosting?

its not working good right now
of course as soon as I open it again it stops working

How can it tell if the connection is secure or insecure?

its all insecure lol
i dont know how to make a recreation of an ssl certificate in snap

its working now yay
i also made it faster

one way or another, i will figure out how to make my project compatible with yours, and vice-versa.
But theres needs to be a way for like text to be transfered

But its cool!

Do you mind if i borrow some code for images with credit to you for my project?

Out of curiosity, what are you going to use it for?

you can make your program create the text as an image and send it over that way.

to display images received

oh smart thanks

out of curiosity that stems from absolutely nowhere, how would you like it if someone makes this into like a ds looking thing

why the ds specifically



Essentially, it's not functioning properly at the moment. And, invariably, once I reopen it, it ceases to work.

Can you give a more descriptive problem? Like:

  • Are you on a school network?
  • What icon is at the top left?
  • Do you get an error?
  • What address did you type?
  • Is the server you're trying to connect to active and running?
  • Did you follow the instructions in the original post?

(Sorry for necroposting)

This is not doing anything, i tried to host an image and it is not working


Anyway to fix this? (I also uploaded my picture i want to host)

That error is not my problem or a problem with the code. Please make sure you are not on a network that blocks certain requests.