Nintendo DS Simulator

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Nintendo DS Simulator

This took me half the (school) year to make, and it's not even finished, not even half-way!
But, this school year is coming to a close (we loose our chromebooks Thursday, luckily my class is the last :D), and I cant work on it over the summer, so might as well release it now.

I hope y'all enjoy, it's not much, because like I said, it's not finished.

Also, @joecooldoo, this is why


Yo, nice job, it's really well made!

thanks, i used my physical ds as a reference
i wanted to finish more of it before tmr, but I couldnt

Oh wow.

I like the DS Simulator! Looks good so far! The fact that it took you half the school year to make and the fact that it looks so detailed just shows that you gave in your best effort.

Thanks! I plan on updating and working on it soon