The search topic 2 electric boogaloo (Part 1)


I’m back! Yea ofc you can


Alright, all the blocks are added. Can you make a graphic for a kitchen with a drive thru window?

Hmm sure!

Alright, thanks! Let me know when you're done.
Post it in the actual Night Shift forum

@xx_pax_xx i made it so that Snap! Build Your Own Blocks a variable that increases every second can now be calculated

Les gooooooo

Cool news, I think I made it so now it supports a variable that changes every (x) seconds instead of a static variable

Also, is it okay if the letters from (#) to (#) of (text) reports a list?
or does it need to be something else?

If it reports a list you can use “list to word”

Script is done!


It was surprisingly simple
untitled script pic (8)


Oh Okay. Cya

Yall realize I didn't leave ove actually persuaded my career got many offers into cool things and now I'm remaking the search on scratch andbturbing into an actual website I'm coding the search with JavaScript and html now I'm also working with c++ to get it 3d and online multiplayer blocks aren't my thing anymore and it's way too easy for me so Im making the search a professional game now got any recommendations reply here

“Career” “many offers”
You know it’s a free $0 budget game made on a block coding website with a total of 7 people who know what it is including the developers, right

Why are you trying so hard to make us feel like we're amateurs? We each have our own skill levels. You probably didn't know I make games in Roblox, write websites using HTML and CSS, make servers using Python Flask, make YouTube videos, and modify real hardware to do things it couldn't do (such as making my Nintendo Wii run Windows).

Sorry if I interpreted your post wrong. This is the tone I've detected from your post and have replied accordingly.

im not trying to make yall feel like yall are amatuers joecooldoo i like the workm you do i was just telling yall that i got a really cool offer after i made the search on unity and id be happy if yall would like to help be my guest I guess if i coming off as that way then im sorry im just telling yall that i was moving to unity i guess i shouldve said it better plus i kinda was in a bad mood after i saw something on the forums that i will not state if yall wanna get off the old search and move to the new one id be happy ive got my computer now and ive been coding alot twoards the new one and it looks way better plus you can walk around the entire house and @cookieclickerer33 id love if youd wanna help plus i 3d modeled kyo for you and you can actually hear her moving around the vents. But if we're gonna work together can yall please not just take advantage of me like last time