The latest and greatest ai in all of snap pans ai

i recently made an ai named nick but after @cookieclickerer33 remixed and improved it i didn't want to mess with their ai so i remade it from scratch and used mqtt to make ai's able to link and share data but i have not tested the mqtt so i'd like some for some people to test it out to make sure it works
link:Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I do not think it's an AI. When I was asked by the AI "What is your name?" I said, in a cocky manner, "Wouldn't you like to know?" and it asked me: "I do not have an answer for that, what should my answer be?"

A REAL AI would say something like, "Okay I won't ask for your personal information." and divert to a different question or something.

yeah its not really an ai but it can remember what you say so if you talk to it enough it will act like a real person

Another thing which I do not understand with this AI: When it tells me what its response should be, I input it, and it asks me the question again. I reply with the same reply I said earlier but then it replies with MY reply. I have no idea how this AI works...does it just divert the questions back to you in a weird and god-awful way?

Yeah, well, training with a simple Input-Output Statement will never work out, it's literally too slow. It's like Dial-Up Internet from back then, where bit-by-bit the data is sent across your slow copper phone lines. Dial-Up Internet was so slow back then, it literally takes an eternity for a video from some Video-Hosting Website to load.

Same for here, you don't want to make the AI learn word-by-word and sentence-by-sentence, it wouldn't work out and is too slow. It should take in MASSIVE amounts of data and store it so that it can determine what it should do with it.

its just continuing the conversation i added that on purpose

Hm...alright then. Since you used MQTT as a database, I'm gonna come back to see if your AI would improve and engage in some smalltalk. Hopefully it doesn't ask me "What's your name" again.

just so you know it uses the database library to store data mqtt is just so you can share the data with others

This reminds me of a discussion I had a while ago: the term "AI" simply means Artificial Intelligence. Anything can be artificial, and then you just have to say, "oh, this is intelligent." Like me breaking a window and saying that we can find out the next person in the world to get married by reading the glass scraps and saying it's because the glass is an artificial intelligence. (Not that that is... intelligent... at all.) So calling an AI "real" or "fake" is not just very subjective but also not the right terminology, I think.

I made a small adjustment to make it use mqtt eclipse instead of the default because the default is blocked on my browser

Do you get an error or does it just sit there not connecting?
(I maintain the library so always interested in issues using it)
The default was chosen as being the most reliable but if school IT admins are blocking the domain then maybe there's a need to change it

It gives this (report block is there so I can use result pic)

weird that shouldn’t happen didn’t you say earlier that it didn’t work with your browser though

whats different from how it functions then like spike? What are the key features?

what is spike

@sladescar's ai

Spike is Hyposyn's own AI Assistant system. (Also Hyposyn is Sladescar)

Yeah that url is blocked by my school

well then for a start my ai has the ability to connect to other ai’s and save its data in the users browser

So you're just talking to yourself? Huh.