The latest and greatest ai in all of snap pans ai

no it’s saying what it should have said

Oh, okay then?

There are also some bugs with the AI, for example if I make the AI reply "Hello!" when I say "Hello!" to it, an error message saying "Expecting list but got text" shows up.

I’m sorry i just wanted it to keep going so if you wanted you could remove the block

also I’m working on adding multiple answers per question
basically it will pick a random answer that it has for that question
also mqtt is going to say goodbye :pensive: it just won’t work for the new system

ah that’s because it’s being worked on that will be fixed soon

I think it’s fixed

i dont think you know how mqtt works
using mqtt doesn't store anything
youre just sending a message
also please press the reply button when responding, we don't get notified when you respond if you dont

im not trying to store stuff im sending it than storing it in the user's browser also im going to add mqtt back to the ai after i fix this system

why are you sending it?
most likely no one will be online and no one will benefit from it

its just so data is shared i would use cloud variables but they never seem to work

it cant be shared if no one is online, which is a very high chance.
my online multiplayer project got featured, but no one is ever online at the same time.

yeah but its just in case

What are the defining features though? As that feature doesnt seem that important

Yeah it’s not so much an ai as it is just reading data storage

There’s nothing going on that modifies the data input to produce a new output. It’s basically just a less featured far more complicated google search

after a bit of debugging pans ai is back
thanks to my cloud database blocks ill also be able to fix mqtt and ai linking

pans now has a cloud database set up so it can learn from everyone once more

Unfortunately, it seems as though cloud doesn't work. For example, the AI by default asks "Greetings, how are you today?" and I replied to the AI, "I'm good, thank you!" and it told me "I do not have a response to that, what should it be?" and stuff.

Second go, I think it would have stored that into its brain by now. Unfortunately, it didn't. I replied again, "I'm good, thank you!" and it said again, "I do not have a response to that..."

MQTT ain't like this normally, eh? Or perhaps your Cloud Blocks and system...?

the storage dosnt work yet i almost have it added