Team 2 (Part 1)

we are making a google maps in snap!.
small rules: we are not allowed to look at the other teams topic.
voter can be on a team but can't vote on their stuff (I said this cause im a voter).
we can not start yet but we can brainstorm.
we can't use scratch, netsblox,or mods stuff like that cuz some people (me) are not able to
oh and the link to the main topic: Snap! Champions- (preparation) - #32 by sirhopsalot

collection: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
custom blocks: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
I think we could use these.

sirhopsalot : leader
@joecooldoo : co-leader & custom blocks
@slate_technologies : design


ok now im gonna start brainstorming even if no one is on the team.

I think Team1 is doing a virus game, they also had an idea for a google maps thing. I like that idea, iv'e wanted to do that for a long time now, to.

Also, are you going to add me to the list of members?

ok then.

right sorry.

are we aloud to start yet?

what are you going to be?
( like im leader your ... that kind of thing).

How bout' co-leader? :slight_smile:

no but we can think.
sure co-leader works

im gonna get work thinking.

Question, do you have a scratch account?

nope I wish I did but I can't but I sneak on sometimes.
can't right now (my dad is in the room).

oh ok

we need to think before it starts.

ok that works.
we still need one more member.

We can make it so you can record a travel, and load it later to navigate.

yeah, but was thinking more of a game. cuz

how did you know that?
we can't look at their topic.
anyway we could do the maps thing.

I saw it before that rule was established.