Team 2 (Part 3)

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It is now part three. (Already???)

that was fast

you guys were talking so much when I left. then I show up in the morning and we are at 74 reply so... yeah

Did you test it?

we are making a google maps in snap!.
small rules: we are not allowed to look at the other teams topic.
voter can be on a team but can't vote on their stuff (I said this cause im a voter).
we can not start yet but we can brainstorm.
we can't use scratch, netsblox,or mods stuff like that cuz some people (me) are not able to
oh and the link to the main topic: Snap! Champions- (preparation) - #32 by sirhopsalot

collection: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
custom blocks: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
I think we could use these.

sirhopsalot : leader
joecooldoo : co-leader & custom blocks
slate_technologies : design
? : ideas
my link: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks
your link:Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks

whats going on with @joecooldoo-sis? she was joining.

She has been very busy with school lately, she probebly wont be online anytime soon. (You know how hard 12th grade must be)

anyway I think we need one more thing see in google maps theres a button that makes your view go to the marker I think we should make that cuz I browse the map and then can't find the marker again.

Like a red pin point?

sort of.

Ok, that'l be easy to put in. Gimme a moment...

Done, I'll make your revision.

Everything is ready now.

nice it works!

Do you think it's ready to be submitted?

well we still need to do this. we can add more stuff while we wait I was told not to submit til the contest is over.

I mean, I've already looked through every sprite and checked for bugs and everything was working fine, sooooo, I guess we just wait.

we will find something to add I always do.

Ok, so... What will we add next?