Teals curriculum struggles

Hi all. This is my 3rd semester treaching the teals curriculum. There are parts I like and others I just don't. I am on the Unit 4 project right now which has some really tough concepts in it. I teach 4 other comp science languages so getting really good at Snap! takes me repetition and I am still not great with it. What frustrates me is that when we get to the unit project and I look at the example provided there are blocks that just aren't covered. For example when you are using the "wordStatus" custom block there are some blocks that we don't even talk about in the lessons. One is the "letter to number" block.
I guess my biggest struggle is tyring to help students is that on these more advanced assignments its hard to guide them when I don't even know all the blocks that should be used.

Aw, that's a bummer to hear. It used to be that TEALS had its own forum for teachers to which we Snap! devs were invited and I loved hanging out there, enjoying all the buzz and all the wonderful exchange. Now I'm feeling disconnected with the TEALS crowd, and I really regret the loss of contact. Can we maybe change that somehow. I'd really like to help, but I don't even know those blocks you're mentioning...

The only block I know of that takes a letter and returns a number (or a list of numbers if you're using like a word or sentence) is
untitled script pic (74)

Maybe "letter to number" is a custom block that didn't have a photo to define it?
@jlester92 - is "letter to number" a command (block-shaped), reporter (circle-shaped) or predicate (hexagonal)?

That is because it is a custom block and I didn't catch that until after I sent this.