Teacher guide in Dutch

Hi there,

With the help of a lot of people, we launched bjoc.nl. The full (!) Dutch translation of The Beauty and Joy of Computing. I did a Lightning Talk about translating and what we learned.

A native version of the course helps reduce the cognitive load. And it's more fun!

To help teachers (who suffer from a similar cognitive load), I started to work on a Dutch version of the Teacher guide.
The English version of the Teacher Guide.

I am curious about your feedback, even if you don't understand Dutch. How's the layout and 'feel' of the page? Is it inviting?

The Dutch version of the Teacher Guide. I plan to use this page as the lander for our Dutch course. So students can also view the teaching materials.

Great initiative! Even more so if the course material will not only be made available to schools, but also to the general public.

Just a few remarks:

  1. I wouldn’t use a literal translation of the “Beauty and Joy op Computing”: “Schoonheid en Vreugde” sounds truly old-fashioned. Try e.g.: “Plezier in programmeren”, “Programmeren met plezier”, “Programmeren voor pubers”, “Programmeren met Alonzo”, “Schrijf je eigen software”, “Programmeren 101 met Snap!”, or even: “Snap! jij het?”
  2. Part of the examples are from a US perspective, presumably simply translated from the original. Over time these may be replaced by more “European” or even Dutch / Flemish examples.
  3. In Hoofdstuk 5, les 3, pag. 3 it says: “ Als je de grootte van de invoer verdubbeld, dan...” - the correct spelling would be: “verdubbelt” - and I noticed several other minor language errors. These looks unprofessional, and may distract students from the content.

All the same: great initiative, good luck!

About #1, it really should make clear that this is BJC and not some other Snap!-based curriculum. Maybe in a subtitle?

About #3, we've had five iterations with teacher feedback each time and I still catch an error or two periodically. Give them a break! :~)

Great feedback! Thanks.
We've done an iteration of Hoofdstuk 1&2. The following chapters are on a roll for 2023 for a grammar and typo review. Thanks for noticing :slight_smile: The feedback from a professional text writer was intense, and many things were moved, re-phrased, and removed.

  1. We've been talking a lot about the title. And it's hard. The 'beauty and joy' is spot-on. Programmeren met plezier and plezier in Programmeren does capture the same energy. I'm going to share it with the dev team!

  2. That is the challenge in production. The localization is so much more than just translating it.

  3. Could you share the feedback on the pages you found a problem? There is a small box in the right corner. Even a few suggestions would help a lot!

Again thanks!

This is still in development, but you've got the point. Let me polish the title and subtitle again.

Thanks for #3! I'm proud of where the material is now. Chapters 1 and 2 are now 'done'. The next chapters do need a lot of work.

I’m impressed with the course. And clearly a lot of work has already been done translating it. I made several remarks in the text (didn’t review all of the pages yet though). Keep it up!