Suspicious Website

Well I looked up earthrulerr and clicked on the forbidden second page of stuff.

Found this preview with a bunch of forums people…
Clicked on it and Malware Warning Google won’t let me run it. What is this?

~ looking up your username if you have a not too commonly used one is very fun! I found an old vimeo post, some repls, YouTube stuff, something that leaked an old friends name(lol),GitHub stuff, and someone pretending to be me on a social media platform! How bout that?

my friend:

oh now i get why a lot of ppl think he looks like phone number lol

Look up my username… 2nd page some suspicious stuff comes up, 1st page is mostly links to other platform.

This may help:
"This site may harm your computer" notification - Google Search Help

That’s what I was thinking of.

And what’s weirder is that Google’s Security Analysis comes up with

for that link you provided.

Yeah I know… it’s odd.

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