Is there a post leaker or something? Is this intentional?

So I was Googling myself ("'pajamaclaws21' snap"), as you do, when I found this:

Screenshot 2022-02-24 10.51.57

I thought that was odd. I clicked on the link and it was security-blocked, so I textised it and found lots of weird, random stuff. Googling GPMumbai brought up a college... and googling the actual website didn't give real results except for
Screenshot 2022-02-24 10.57.49
... does anyone know what's going on with this website and why it has clips from the Snap! forum on it?? @bh?

EDIT: It's important for you to read the textised website if you want to understand how weird it is.
EDIT 2: This is on the first page!! All the actual Snap! forum links and posts are on pages like 4 and 5...




By the way, @sladescar, what is the search term you used?

sladescar' snap

found it too

You have a blog? It's blocked for the reason "personal-sites-and-blogs"

no, i did not give permission for this..

ill start a blog tho xdxd


I think this is just some sus website copier bot thing happening to come across this forum and copying it.

To be honest, it's better to not be known on the internet. You know why?

Some russian game website called "" stole all my games from, even the bad ones, and posted them on there. I didn't know until one year after they posted my games.

It's better to have a username like mine. Why? If I search mine up, I see results not linked to me. If I search up "slate_technologies snap" I get no results that are from websites other than Snap! that are not associated with me.

Results for me don't even show up

God but my scratch account does

Those websites are Scratch related...


When I search my username, I get results for my scratch profile, github, youtube,, internet archive,, and some other websites I have an account on. I only managed to find fake stuff on page 4 or 5. Also, yeah, someone did post one of my games on some site, but they did give credit to me, so I'm gonna let that slide.

yo can you sell me a 30-minute sauna?

when ever I search my name, I get my first ever post on this account
@bh memories huh
oh yeah you were there too ego-lay