Studygiggle -- viewer for Snap! projects saved on Google Drive

Hey, y'all! I've been working on this thing for a couple weeks, and now it's ready to share. If you're interested in looking at the code, you can find it at

Studygiggle is a website that allows you to view Snap! projects hosted on Google Drive in a few simple steps, enabling you to have projects as big as you want -- they're not on the Snap! Cloud, after all, so none of their storage is being used. Hosting involves just sharing a Google Drive file and creating a Snap! project with the file identifier, and viewing just requires the project name and username.

How to Use

These instructions can also be found in the file on GitHub.

if you want to host your project

  1. Export a copy of your Snap! project to your computer. It should be an .XML file.
  2. Upload your .XML file to Google Drive.
  3. Open the "Share" menu, then set "General Access" to "Anyone with the Link" and "View."
  4. Press the "Copy Link" button. Then, open that link.
  5. Your link should look like this:, where YOUR-ID is the file identifier. Copy it.
  6. Create a new Snap! project. In it, create a variable called "driveID" and set that variable to the file identifer you got in step 5.
  7. Save your project and publish it. Title it something snappy.
  8. You're all good!

if you're trying to access someone else's project

  1. Make sure you have the username of the user who made the project and the name of the project with the file identifier in it.
  2. Go to the studygiggle website.
  3. Type in the username and the project name. Press the "Load Project" button.
  4. Wait for the project to load. Once it does, press the "Get Project from Drive" button.
  5. You're good to go!

Wanna test it? Try the username "pajamaclaws21" and project name "DRIVE LOADER TEST" ... you'll see it works quite well!

Username: slate technologies
Project: Hide and Seek

Try out the project and see if you can click any buttons or something.

It doesn't seem like there's a "driveID" variable in that project. Check out the hosting instructions.

wait so, you can import snap project downloads on here via drive?

why does my district have to block everything

I'm working on setting up mirrors, but a lot of sites won't work for me. I'm crossing my fingers Heroku does!

Studygiggle allows people to access projects stored on Google Drive. Check out the hosting instructions I mentioned earlier for how to do so.

oh ok, very nice project btw

The website doesn't work for me. When I click on the link it loads endlessly.

The server is located in US East. If you're too far away, it may not load. I'm trying to work on mirrors, but it might be a while.

this iis cool as hell

It's weird though, I live in the West Coast right near LA and the website works for me. It loads in a few milliseconds (which is pretty much the same as "instantly")


Huh. Maybe I accidentally set the server to West Coast. It takes a while to load for me, too, so...



The site doesn't appear to be loading.

I'm not sure if this is a problem with me or something else, I would like to give it a shot though.

Weird. I'll look at it. I got an email the other day that a deploy failed, but I assumed Render would just try again.

OK, looks like I've successfully set up a mirror. If you're closer to Ohio, check out this link, while if you're closer to Oregon, check out this one.

Okay, it works now!
(used ohio link)

I tested project loading too and that works great as well, I might try uploading something.
I don't know if my district drive will allow it, though, no harm in trying I guess!