student registration woes

The short of it:

-> when registering to use the SNAP! website, students have to receive a confirmation email;
-> my school blocks emails to students originating from outside of the schools domain;
-> I can't get my students registered in SNAP!

Anybody know any workarounds?


Dave B

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

In the short term, what we recommend is that you create your student accounts, using your own email address for all of them. This has the additional virtue that you can handle the inevitable I-forgot-my-password issues yourself.

We are working on a long-term solution with special student accounts and teacher accounts that will allow both an automated version of the you-create-them approach and a more general solution allowing your district IT staff to create accounts for all students.

In both cases, we are envisioning that some of your students may also have personal accounts created outside of school; this shouldn't be a problem.

Thank you. I didn't realize you could make several SNAP! accounts under the same email.

Dave B