Student Data Privacy?

I have recently encountered several school systems that are not able to use Scratch or Snap! as a result of the school system's participation in the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC):

Since Snap! can be downloaded and run on a local machine that is not connected to the internet, would using it in this manner address concerns related to student data privacy?

Teachers in these school systems would like to continue using block programming in their classes. Does anyone know if this would be a feasible alternative?

When we get a request from a school district, we send them this: privacy without contract.

This is very helpful. It also explains the underlying reasons that why policies designed for commercial firms don't make sense for non-profit educational programs that don't collect student information.

Yeah. Thanks for the compliment. I have to say, it's rare that that solves the problem, partly because the person with whom I get to negotiate by email is about three pay grades below anyone who could take the initiative to change a policy or make an exception to it. I suppose I could try the Magic Words, but they work best on the phone, not by email.