Stop all and press ⚑ block

so, I was looking at Save mouse movement, and I also saw a scratch comment about the byob library "press ⚑" block, and I thought It would be fun to combine those! here's the block: Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 12.29.04 PM

for the broadcast green flag clicked you just shift click the dropdown and click the green flag

I know that (you can also create that message)

No need for "stop this script" at the end of the script!

huh? it needs to stop the running script.

If you're at the end of the script, it just stops all by itself. Forget about this tricky stuff; what happens if you make a script that says pen down, move 100 steps. And that's all it says. Do you need "stop this script" at the end?

but there are loops!

I'm looking at the picture in the first post of the thread. It doesn't have any loops.

huh? I don't understand.

I think they mean if you have a script like
it would leave the loop running.


Oh I see, okay.