Stealth OS

I'm happy to announce that I'm working on the all new Stealth OS! Stealth OS keeps your information private and keeps you safe! I will be adding browser key blocking soon! :slight_smile:
Link: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks
No, I don't want this to be a collab. I'm making this by myself.
Cool fact about Stealth OS, it injects the X Button to the project you installed so you can return to Stealth OS!
Fun Fact #2: Stealth OS uses the pen to create dialogue boxes!

cool! but if you say no to opening the software your stuck and can't do anything.

The UI is not done yet.

I'm glad that this is not another one of those OS collabs. :relieved:

What do you think about the OS so far?

It's great, but I don't know if it is my computer that is glitchy (When the OS downloads the software) or if it is supposed to LOOK like that.

I like the OS so far! Pretty nice! I really recommend you add some kind of documentation or something.

Well, it does get laggy when downloading software and launching the software, so it is normal.

Good to know that :slight_smile:

Do you think this is a good idea or no?

I think it's a great idea! It definitely has a LOT of potential!

Ah, thanks! :smiley:

IDEA: Encryption
It will use 128 bit encryption(16 letters/numbers/symbols).

for what?

This is really cool!

Thanks! :smiley:

What would you like to see added?

Hmm, well if there is any way to reduce reboots that would be useful. Also maybe a menu or something showing your current projects loaded.

Think about the main idea of your OS.

But what would I encrypt?

Passwords, variables in a program, etc.