Stealth OS

Reboots apply changes. So... no.

The software actually teleports you to a different project. The only way the X Button is there on the top right corner when loading software is there is because the X button sprite code gets injected into the cloud xml and then gets loaded.

I like it !

But the program reboots more often than windows 95 !

How to load a second and a third program ?

Can you add a picture of the program, so we can click on the picture to load it.

That is the setup. It only reboots 3 times, and yes, I know it should only do it ones. But I prefer to NOT lose data. :slight_smile:

Don't worry, I will eventually get to that. :slight_smile:

I'll look into it when I finish the UI. :smiley:


oh, ok.

Update! I added a UI! Update to download more software will be coming soon!

Please remove music. It's jarring.

IDEA: Permission manager.
Permissions for [App 1 v]
See username: ON
Allow web requests: OFF
Store data in browser: ON
Encrypt stored data: ON
Use microphone: OFF
Use camera: OFF

These will be hard for me.

Use JS to block the projects form using those blocks.

Please remove the loud music.

I thought I did already??!?

Huh, when I opened it a few minutes ago it was still there, but now it's not.

Odd. I didn't change anything.

This is not a real OS so you don't need to reboot. :wink:

Rebooting applies changes in mine.

I mean stealth OS in not a real OS.

I meant Stealth OS reboots to apply changes.

Yes but you don't need to as

Sigh. I have it restart for a reason. It is kind of like a game resetting after you beat it because sometimes a final boss fight changes how the game works and is stored in the memory. So it needs to reset to become back to normal. This is kind of why Stealth OS resets, because it has displayed something that it can not change without a reset, so it reboots. But this is more of me trying to be lazy because I don't want to make it one whole thing.