I made a thing.
SrcSite is basically a web browser that uses your browser storage to get sites.
Basically all it does is ask you for a site (ex: about:src) and if it exists in your browser
storage, it writes all the text that comes after the name.
It is still under development, so it will not be published on the site, but I will have a share lnik

Make sure you go to update:src to get pages!

How is this supposed to work? I only see random blocks around...

Im implementing your block-to-json blocks right now, so it doesn;t work right now

Why do you want to convert blocks -> string?

to run blocks in the site

Oh! I think you are saving blocks in DB?


Can you help me with this?
I'm trying to detect if some text is in BC data, but it won't work.

Do this. Also, block variables are not necessary...


still reports false

oh, ok

I did that, it is still reporting false??

Oh! It's just clear,default,Pen. Remove the [""]

Oh, I'm stupid, it works.

ok, thanks

btw it took me soooo long to realize that your name is scratch modification, not snap modification lol

I'm reviving srcsite.
I'm planning on adding features like , and .
I'm also working on making it into a single Sprite, but that's going to be separate from srcsite it's self. Wanna help>

Hmm... What is this project about (talking now)?