Oh! It's like a browser that can load pages. Isn't it?


Hmm... How would you load the pages? Using HTML?

Trying to make it so you can use it in projects like operating systems easily

if by

you mean loading real web pages, I'm pretty sure that's impossible with most web pages, with or without Js.

It uses a special block I made to read what's in the list
(ex:it uses browser storage, so in the list it's about:src, and underneath it is the stuff it writes using the pen block

oh and every line underneath it is a new line in the site until it gets to /(site name)

Could you link me to Storage Page? I'm trying to search it...

it was an extension to @joecooldoo's Ms dos simulator. then I moved it to my "s-os" project, which is broken. I use the code from that to make Srcsite.
it's in the third scene

Ohhhh, I think you mean I'm talking about a real product on real MS-DOS

I think you mean pages like this:


no not that.
It was basically what srcsite is now.
That is different.

yeah that doesn't exist

I think I might have asked these simple questions before:
How do these pages look?, What do these pages do?, How do the users interact with that pages? and What happens if a user fires an event (for example, pressing a button)?

You haven't yet, they are pages that have a Background color of your choose, text color of your choose, etc. For 2 and 3: Idk, up to the page creator ig. Buttons aren't a feature right now, you have to make them with blocks that are stored in the browser. You can store blocks to run using your block codification.

Like a page editor?

yeah, I guess. but I don't have a page editor really, so you have to add in the tags in manually.
Maybe we should make a site editor?

Could be, but later.

Let's concentrate on raw data

How do the tags work exactly? I don't have any example site...


yeah that's the thing, it hasn't been re-implemented .-.