Spam Issue!

Block access from Snap! to the API! I found out a simple script that can contact the API with a list.
And that list will create a new account!

This REALLY needs to be fixed. I'm emailing. Snap.

Why would you show attach a script pic so that anyone can replicate it?!

:man_facepalming: to use it you have to know how the list works

It's pretty easy to figure out!

OK, go ahead and show me and I will delete that part.

Item 1 is the name of the new user, item 2 is the email and item 3 is the password.


Still though!

That isn't even my script. Cycomachead shared the script.

It's a list with 2 items, the second one being a list as well. The aforementioned list has another list inside it, and that list has another list inside it, and that list has 3 items that pertain to name, email and password.
Edit: Is this right? @joecooldoo
Also, you don't need to have knowledge of how the list works to use this.

Still wrong.

I already said

And I edited it.

Yes you do. It is formatted in a certain way.

@cycomachead Do you want to adjudicate whether we want this in the forum?

I don’t see what’s wrong here.

This is making a request like any tool could do.
We added some protections in recent snap but there’s nothing bad about this

I think the concern is that we do have spammers on the forum and shouldn't want to publicize how they can make bot accounts.

I'm not taking a position, just trying to clarify the question.

You can do this without a Snap script...

  1. There are many good uses of the snap API.