Sound Editor in Snap (Part 5)

Or we could also all post our revisions. (But maybe only one published)

Whose account should the published version be on?

i agree @spacer did start they should be the one who posts it in their profile (w/ credits of course.)

unless you all want to post the project on your profiles.

ok @spacer when you're done with school here's the xml file:
save this to your account with the title "Snap! Audio Editor" and publish it
you can change the project notes if you want, but it must include at least:

  • how to get help in the project
  • project takes a long time to load and explanation on why
  • project works better in editor
  • credits

aka JS localStorage

is that helpful?

yes, because actual databases are global, while this is local

We want stuff to be local, because we want to store stuff as cookies

but thats not cookies tho, its localstroage

As you see, cookies are in an seperate folder than localStorage. So

is wrong

it still saves data as a cookie.

no it doesn't saves as localStorage, I looked in code

Screenshot 2021-05-07 10.56.06 AM

Hmm interesting

idk why it isnt ther. maybe different browsers?

i use chrome

actually, it's not. can you please stop flexing your knowledge of javascript in random topics?
that's not what database means by definition anyway.

prehaps a different version then.image

I don't care. and I don't think anyone else does either.

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