Sonic the Hedgehog: The Lost Emerald - Development (Part 2)

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sup guys im going to work with my uncle so I won't see you today.

i love the speed effect: very nice !

do you want to help @loucheman.

here is something from last topic.

did you have to do that.

Sorry, i don't have time at the moment, I'm on another project: blackjack game.


ima join

I'm the one that coded that sonic engine, :slight_smile:

I thought you werent on Snap! any more?

maybe he changed his mind.

sirhopsalot yes

I won't be participating as much as I used to

ok then what will you work on.


what options are there

tell me the details of these towns so I know what I'm developing.

I'm not picky

So you can make a town in this sonic game? seems cool... seems like a good challenge! How exactly will sonic enter the building screen?

oh ok. ima start. so is builder snap and place, and also if you want we can make some sorta real estate market engine inside, but we need some help from the online man, but I'm taking the town builder task.

yes, it'll make development easier