Something like forum statistic

I'm working on something like forum statistic. Let's say that it'd use JavaScript block to
getting available data from. Based by *jens post:

This program will only getting data which are visible to check in API. When I end making project
I'll show my program. Any notes/suggestions or contraindications below this post.

reference about quoted post

Again... is there a Snap! Forum API? ✅ - #9 by jens
Yeah, but worth to try... I use many webpages, for example Scratch Discuss

Listen to Jens

Don't write the program :slight_smile:

... Okay, if so :-/

So @jens you can't make a forum bot, right?

I remember joecooldoo made a forum block that allows people to read each other's posts. Is that allowed?

I want a forum api. Yes please

In the end I'll make with other website.