Again... is there a Snap! Forum API? ✅

Sorry for same topic on this forum, but again I cannot find a
solution. Is there a Snap! Forum API. If yes, can you send
link here? Thanks :slight_smile:

And if I chose a wrong category, I'm sorry :(.

But I don't know how much of that is enabled for users. Why do you need to program the forum?

Thanks, I think this should enough. I'm want to use this to getting
data about users.

What kind of data?

It's pretty easy to reverse engineer it
Here's some endpoints I found:,5
(of course replace the usernames with your own)

Oh, thanks! It's perfect :smiley:

let me make this very clear: We provide the community site - including the forum - as a website not as a collection of services. You are expected to use it as such, if you try to access personal data you will be banned. Don't.

I don't want to access personal data. I only want to learn how
to use API and perfecting skills coding.

yeah, please use some public web service for this, there are plenty of them around. We have automatic measures in place that automatically ban IPs that try to access the Snap website's internals.

This community is to learn CS with Snap, to share your projects and insights with others.


You could try SpaceTraders

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