Someone *trying* to hack me?

Is someone trying to get into my account? Am I the only one that has gotten one of these without request?

[Picture removed. Don't post the reset link you got! -bh]
^^ Thanks bh!!!, such stupidity of me :man_facepalming:

I have received many of these with ones for my NetsBlox account.
I'm pretty sure other Snapers and NetsBloxers have received emails like this.
Although it was like a month and a half ago.

Brian (the one from NetsBlox not bh) told me in an email that he thinks it is a

Juvenile prank designed so that we can't get into our accounts


When there is an account reset request for NetsBlox, it changes it to a temporary password sent to the user in an email. Snap! sends a request to the user before changing the password, so with NetsBlox, someone could send emails very fast, and make it so that a user couldn't get into their account. It wouldn't work for Snap!.

It was probably the same person who sent those NetsBlox and Snap! emails month before last.
It might be the same person who sent that, but who knows.

As bh said,