Someone is mass flagging me for no reason

dont flag this, theres no category for my problem so i choose this

theres someone who is flagging my posts when nothing is wrong, seriously, its getting out of hand, i might get falsely banned

its basically like the scratch mass reporting problem

if youre seeing this, just do something, i just need help

There's probably a reason your posts may be getting flagged. The only reason I can think of is because of off-topic posts. I cannot verify this is true, because I don't know what posts were flagged, but bh will probably dm you about it (after all, he oversees flagged posts). If it's a mistake, then bh will remove the flags.

my splant! library also got flagged, which was about plants and nothing bad

it might even reach to normal topics i made

I flagged the Splant! topic because of a security issue. I don't know if you saw my response to your topic.

You suddenly made off-topic or unhelpful posts on a lot of threads at once. Just slow down and don't feel a need to reply to everything.

fine, ill slow down

i guess rapidly posting isnt allowed

also is asking for ideas even allowed

i have so many reasons why i put my own api key, also i dont want users to put thier own api key, i want them to use a built-in one to make it easier

also what am i supposed to do for security, snap's encryption blocks can be clicked on and show the api key

Yes. Once. And then allowed once after your first query is satisfied or times out.

snap's rules are very weird, i didnt understand that (i wanna ask god why he gave me the brain of a pig)

In Snaps defense, double posting, as this is what you are doing is almost never allowed anywhere on a community. I am modding a number of communities for a lot of years now so I think I am allowed to make that statement. So stick to your original topic if you want further help/advise/tips, but don't open a new one with the same (related) question.

And please don't take it to personal, see it as a learning opportunity. I see a number of users on the community also going off-topic a lot.

New visitors to the community could think that a community is chaotic and choose not to join the discussions. I also think that a lot of topics are going off-topic very quickly.

I believe we want Snap! to have a great community where we try to keep some kind of order in our topics and posts. Letting the community look like "chaos" also reflects bad on Snap! and I don't think anybody wants that to happen.

if topic is asking for a idea and its a different idea suggestion, is that allowed

Hmmm...having more than one idea topic...very interesting question...IDK, maybe @petermathijssen or @bh knows?

no offense but snap is becoming more strict as i keep moving

Oh, that's fine. I'm not offended. You think Snap! is strict? TCRF is more strict!

  1. TCRF is more strict.
  2. Moving? Why?

'moving' in my context means being more active on snap or something like that, also what even is TCRF

The Cutting Room Floor (also known as TCRF): A website dedicated to documenting unused content.

This is exactly what i mean by going off topic. If you want to discuss such things you could also do it through other means. For instance outside of the community.

I thought that wasn't allowed? Am I missing something?

You are also not allowed to go off topic but you do that too. :wink: