Some blocks don't have "help" functions

I'm not great with snap, because it's way more complicated than scratch. I rely greatly on the "help" function to understand what some of these blocks even do. However, some of the blocks don't have help functions. When I click on "help" nothing happens for those ones. Could this be fixed? Or would anybody be willing to answer my endless, probably stupid, common knowledge questions about some of the blocks?


Okay, thanks! Most of the questions I have are about blocks in the control category. What do the "call _" and "pipe _ --> _" blocks do?

pipe runs the input through the output/outputs
untitled script pic (1)

Okay. That makes sense. Thanks!

Yeah, the developers have known that this is a problem for a while. Apparently there are more urgent items on the list (although I don't know what they could possibly be; all the bug reports lately haven't been problems).

Nope, this is indeed very high on the list, and it hasn't happened for the same reason the manual isn't up to date: I haven't been getting anything done for the past several years. Entirely my fault.

Having said that, if people wanted to contribute some of the missing help screens, that'd be a relatively easy way to contribute to Snap!. In the help folder inside the Snap! sources, the files BLANK.png and BLANKWIDE.png embody the common background of the help screens without any text; use them as a starting point.

My bad; I was thinking of the costume editor, I guess. :man_facepalming:

I think some other users have been working on that. I don't know why it's taking them so long.
EDIT: This actually doesn't look hard to do. I think I might try it.

SVG editor within the snap program??? should be possible we have bezier curves already

I don't think you understood what I said. I was talking about the help dialogues.

What do you think? I know I didn't use much space, but I think it explains the block pretty well.

Perfect, thanks!

You're welcome! I'll try to make some more later.

Actually, now I think more about it, wouldn't it be good to include the XY-grid stage background with the (turtle-shaped, so its position is apparent) sprite showing?

Good point. I'll do that.



Awesome. Thanks.

Can't you just put text as help for primitive blocks?

Not at the moment. Anyway, pictures are better; we're a visual language. :~)