Some blocks don't have "help" functions

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Ummm... I'm having a little trouble with untitled script pic (3). I thought I knew how it works, but I guess I don't. :-/ Can you give me a brief explanation as to how to use this block?

By the way, I am going on vacation tomorrow, so depending on when you (or someone else) respond(s), I may not answer until Monday, or Tuesday at the latest.

It reports the costume with the specified RGBA pixels to the specified width and height. For example, the following reports a $$64\times64$$ red costume:
untitled script pic (41)

I guess I have to input alpha (opacity)?

Yup. It's needed to make a bitmap PNG costume. e.g. $$0$$ is 0% opacity, $$255$$ is 100% opacity, etc.

OK. That's what I was doing wrong. Thanks!

Something I've noticed, is if you set the width and height to higher than 64 it creates an odd shaped rectangle effect. I'm not sure why, or if 64 is meant to be a limit, but yeah, that's what it does

You need to change "$$4096$$" to $$w \times h$$ where $$w$$ is the width and $$h$$ is the height. For example, if the width and height is 100, change 4096 with 10000.

Did I miss anything here? Should I make clarifications of any sort?

Maybe make it clear that it's kind of paired with the (pixels of costume) reporter?

Oh, yeah.

"created from a list of RGBA pixels."

... You're absolutely right. It can't create a square of specific shape if it doesn't have the data for it. SIGH LOL

If you need to make your own help screen for blocks, I made a project to create your own.

Here's mine for combinations:
Stage (4)

Would it not be better to use the standard block colours?

@ten_6044 Yeah no kidding. How does it help users for the help screen not to show the block they want help on?

Stage (5)

Does it look better with standard block colors/colours?
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