You forgot

Lol i had that in my C&P I just forgot to do it.


Does HTML passwords not work on Snap!?

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks - Look inside.

<label for="pwd">Password:</label

should be

<label for="pwd">Password:</label>


Thank you!

I misread it.

How could I make it so it will put the reply in a data base that I can open in a different project and look at?


Use JS.

Can you help with that?


To get the value of the textarea, do this instead at the last part:
<input type="text" id="myTextArea" onchange="onchange()"></input>
And then in a <script> tag:

function onchange(){
var text = document.getElementById("myTextArea").value;
(insert code)

And then send it over the cloud to your other project somehow.

So would cloud vars work and how would I use them to do this?

Beats me.

So do I do: or what?

I just said,

I am so confused with this. Couldn't I use blocks for this part...? Like cloud vars to save their answer just like I did with vars in money tycoon?

Those weren't really cloud vars, they're local to the user's device.

I guess so, just use ask and wait and cloud vars. But you sent a screenshot of code in the HTML block. So I thought you wanted to do it in HTML.