SnipOS3 - Twice the power, at half the size

first off im pretty sure pulse software is already a thing so we are called hyposyn now.


Welcome to SnipOS3

Almost everything has changed and we have even needed to make an entire user manual!
We have studied other OS Simulators on Snap! and on Scratch and found that SnipOS3 is for pros and casuals.
We have also removed the market, and there is now a new exclusive game.

Drumroll please ...

Fusion Motorsport!!
Fusion motorsport will now only be on SnipOS3 and above.

Introducing Spike

Never before seen, a Voice AI integrated in a OS Simulator on Snap!.
You type text, It responds. It currently only supports select commands.

We have built in a fully working calculator! It supports Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Divison! (you can even use it to cheat on your tests hehe, would not recommend though.)

So many things has changed, we think you will love it.

User Manual:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Cool! Fusion motor sport is also good.

Holy hell, you're over here releasing updates left and right, meanwhile I can't even finish Windows 9 version 1!

Looks amazing btw!

Yeah but i suck at it :(

Spike says time in wrong way. When the time is 18:50, it says The time is one thousand eight hundred and fifty.

Well yeah but thats because you set the time zone to SPKE :man_facepalming:

No, I mean the TTS says like one thousand eight hundred and fifty instead of eighteen fifty.

I was joking.

is one letter away from SPIKE, and I was saying you switched your time zone to spike's

this means joke

thank you!

I'll try to fix that.

The "AI" seems to just be a few pre-defined answers.


A real AI learns how to respond to a specific question.

i feel like there's way too many issues with this project, either because things aren't implemented or i can't figure them out

  • i can't exit the terminal
  • i can't visit webpages in the browser, clicking text doesn't work and inputting urls doesn't go to the webpage
  • there's a documents folder, but i can't save paint images, text files, or camera pictures
  • file browser has an apps folder but clicking any of them does nothing
  • i can't figure out any way to start the tutorial
  • when it asks to start the tutorial on startup it lets me click the "Do you want a tutorial?" title text
  • spike doesn't respond to most questions or commands (what's the time, what's the date, what day is it, what are you, help, what time is it?, run paint, open paint, paint, tutorial, manual)

i can't read the manual because it's on google drive and it doesn't load (i'd rather it not be a hidden drive link, google has many privacy issues)

Thats a (dead) modified version (they changed the logo to google) of a project I made a long time ago that got featured.

It's not an AI, so there fore it won't be able to understand certain variations of questions.

  • its still not an OS

of course its not an os, this is snap

It is kind of an os.

Ok fine, ill work on it. and you can exit the terminal.

Well i don't know how to do that yet.

The timers in Fusion Motor-sport displays zeroes as a blue turtle instead of the normal 0. Can you try to fix that?