You know about Snapp? the compiler?

Snapp! is the canceled work for the moment of Romagosa's attempt to convert Snap! projects to executables. :face_in_clouds:

Yeah maybe you can fork it for super snap

That's so complicated to do. Snapp! is bigger than Super-Snap! and more bigger than Snap!nator.
I can't do it for now. And I know that Snapp! works online. There are some new things to me.
That's why I only can modify the core of Super-Snap! but not of another program. I'm sorry. :~(

you should add i to the constant block

I remember that you can get the i with the %n √ %n block but you
have reason, the process is slow. So i is going to be added to it. :slight_smile:

Made a few pull requests for this block
[scratchblocks] start @greenFlag::events [/scratchblocks]

That block already exists, albeit in a different identity:
broadcast $greenFlag

Very cool project. :wink:
However, what does the FNF's Mid Pack mean and why is it empty?

Screenshot 2024-02-08 050353

not in super snap

Hmmm... "FNF"? You mean that one game with a big modding community where you press arrow keys at the right time? And I assume "Mids" is like MIDI or something?

Yeah, the FNF MIDI pack. I'm not sure why is it empty.

It's not empty - it adds instruments to the Super-Snap! MIDI block, under Sounds.

Ok, I think @tethrarxitet answered your question already.

Ok, that's good to hear. Didn't want anything that was empty. :smirk:

All of the "Mids pack"s just add instruments to the block.


That block exists my friend, restarting the project is the same as starting it: untitled script pic

Lol I forgot

Hey, don't worry. These add new instruments, just they are incomplete but I'm trying to update them. :~)